Literary Services

Author Coaching

I provide personalized writing mentorship and author coaching to new and experienced writers.

  • Don’t know how to get started?
  • Feeling stuck between projects?
  • Want to take your writing to the next level?

During your free 30-minute consultation, we will discuss your projects, needs, and goals.

Let me help you level up as a writer!

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Writing Workshops

The Tell Your Story Writing Workshop is uniquely designed to help writers take their first nerve-wracking steps toward completing their books and seeking publication.

  • Find your voice
  • Refine your message
  • Control your narrative
  • Tell your story

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Editorial Services

Need to

  • Tighten up a manuscript?
  • Smooth your transitions?
  • Develop your style?
  • Perfect a proposal?

I’m here to help.

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Freelance Writing

As time allows, I take freelance projects large and small.

I charge flat fees based on level of difficulty and desired word counts.

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Questions about any of our products or services?

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