Show Your Favorite Book Some Love – Bingo Edition!

Last week, my friend Emily Conrad posted a Bingo card titled “Show Your Favorite Authors Some Love” and challenged everyone to claim a row. It’s a good card, but it seemed as if a few things were still missing.

Me: If I did a personalized grid, it would say things like “Take book to church and foist it on an unsuspecting friend” and “Turn favorite dialogue snippets into a musical, which you sing to yourself and others until they ask you to please stop.”

Emily: I would LOVE to see the official Ruth Buchanan version of this card!


Copy of Writer Bingo

I have done some of these but still aspire to complete an entire row. If you win a row, definitely film everything you do and post online so that we can all make fun of you enjoy.

Also so we can learn about the book you love.

Because that’s definitely what this is all about.


How do you talk up books you love? Have you found any successful techniques that don’t involve skywriting or potential public embarrassment? Spill in the comments below.

In other news, I’m pleased to have become a contributing writer at Faith Beyond Fear. My first post, When I Run from My Fears, went live this morning. Come by, say hello, and check out the site. Thanks to Alynda Long for the work she does and for reaching out.

If you get behind-the-scenes e-mails, you’re already aware that my book The Proper Care and Feeding of Singles is featured this week as an Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal. That means the book is on sale for $.99 from now until June 14, 2018. This is a great time to snap it up! (It’s also a great time to opt in for e-mail alerts. Don’t let the algorithm keep us apart!)

Happy Monday, everyone! May your coffee be as strong as your workload.

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