Hit the Switch

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One of the primary struggles of writing is the work itself. I’ve detailed that struggle sufficiently elsewhere and won’t elaborate at the moment. You’re welcome.

Another struggle of the writing life is keeping your work in front of people and making sure they can find it.

In an attempt to do just that, I’m migrating my public writing over to Substack.

Nothing But Good News

Everything here on the blog will stay here. If you’ve ever posted or linked to any work here, those links will stay active, and you can come crawl around the archives any time.

New work will be posting to Substack.

The big difference with this move is that once you’re signed up, you’ll never have to hunt for new posts.

They’ll arrive in your inbox, smart and shiny, as soon as they publish.

You won’t have to visit my site or come searching for content.

It will come straight to you.


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